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"Shâkropur!" is a quick game originally developed as a way to mix and match fantasy culture and Bollywood tropes. It was initially created as an entry to the "200 Words RPG Challenge" of 2018, but I liked it so much I thought it deserved to be something more.

The game sees players taking up the role of Princesses in the Orc Empire. Their characters will have to obtain the favour of their communities to be finally enthroned as Empresses, but only one of them will obtain the prized place!

Two versions of the game can be downloaded from this page: the entry for the "200 Words RPG" Challenge and the boardgame elements, both as printer-friendly and colored versions.

Enjoy the game!


Shakropur - 200 Words RPG Challenge entry 129 kB
Shakropur - Boardgame documentation 155 kB
Shakropur - Color version of boardgame elements 5 MB
Shakropur - Printer-friendly version of boardgame elements 1 MB

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